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dyn fracture wip from Artem Smirnov on Vimeo.

My implementation of this( system. It is still in progress stage but kind of working now.
Also I used this( dreamworks system for stiching pieces together. All displacement and uvw attribs are handled automatically

TP Joint Types HOUSE from Hernan Llano on Vimeo.

Thanks to Hien Tong for the house model, still Wip, mostly for learning process, and fun.

EXODE - Teaser from Exode movie on Vimeo.

EXODE - Graduation Film from Supinfocom Arles.

Directed by :

Kathleen Cartier :
Sandrine Gimenez :
Nicolas Mrikhi :
Baptiste Roy :
Thomas Saez :

© Supinfocom Arles 2014 - Autour de Minuit

Demoreel 2014 from Baptiste ROY on Vimeo.

Complete portfolio website currently in progress.

For more information about “Exode” go to :

Other production roles on “Exode”: Technical direction, characters rigging, pipeline development, python scripting in Maya.

- Credits -
On “Exode”, Animation and Layout by Thomas Saez, also co-directed with Nicolas Mrikhi, Sandrine Gimenez and Kathleen Cartier.

On “Halicarnasse”, Animation by Maël Bereur and Jérémie Faé, Lighting and additional Modeling / Shading by Marie Greff, additional Modeling / Shading by Ugo Pfliger, directed by Edward Noonan.

Waterfall WIP01 from Igor Zanic on Vimeo.

My first waterfall WIP rnd - more tweak on motion and few more layers.
This was just render test and render optimization.
around 100mil particles
Render: 2 spot light - deepShadow - rendertime with mb - 8-10min depend of camera angle - 8-10gb ram

Update: I tried to mesh last frame just to see

Houdini Large Scale Liquid Sim from Nema Safvati on Vimeo.

Render time: ~76 hours

Simulation times:
Foam: 3 hours
Main Fluid: 8 hours
Mist: ~1 hour

VFX Showreel 2014 - Droid Destruction breakdown from Greg Massie on Vimeo.

This is how-to guide for destroying the droid on Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium. This breakdown was presented at DigiPro and SIGGRAPH this year. I will try to post the slides somewhere useful asap.

This work was done at Image Engine in summer 2012 for 3 months. I was responsible for destruction of the droid geometry, as well as overall looking after the FX sequence. Additional work was done by Earl Fast (animation), Simon Lewis (volume FX), Ben Alepko (lighting), Stephen James (Comp). The animation was done in Maya, all FX elements were generated in Houdini, lighting was done 3Delight and Mantra, all comped in Nuke.

If you have any questions on the process, feel free to ask!

Lego Effect Shot(+breakdown) from Joy-Jeong on Vimeo.

Thank you very much for interest in this lego effect shot.
Breakdown was added.
I’d like to be of help, even if it’s only in a small way.

BGM : “Ievan polkka” by HATSUNE MIKU.
Done in Houdini, render with Mantra PBR. Comp in Nuke.

Solution is simple.
I converted pyro and water sim to polygon And I put uniform Gap points in polygon.
Especially vdbvisualizetree node was very useful.

And house, car, concert venue and ad-balloon’s body are sketchup or LDD file format.
these were used in houdini through 2 or 3 times converting format.

Thanks for watching.

In Morocco - 2013 from Vincent Urban on Vimeo.

Early 2013, we had a little ride with our Landrover once again. A shorter trip this time, we tried to discover most of Moroccos versatile landscapes in just 3 weeks, from the Coast to the forest regions of the Middle Atlas, from the hectic Medinas of Fés and Marrakech to the high mountain ranges of the High Atlas, and finally to the dunes of the Sahara Desert. Big thanks go out to Sigma Technologies (, a local production company that invited us and provided great assistance and all our equipment. Enjoy! (4k version available soon, maybe)

Directed & edited by: Vincent Urban
DoP: Clemens Krüger
Awesome guy: Stefan Templer
Produced by: Sigma Technologies, Casablanca -

“Mechanism” by Poppy Ackroyd -
Re-arranged by Martin Brugger -

Filmed with:
RED ZOOM 18-50mm/f3
RED ZOOM 50-150mm/f3
Time lapses with Canon 5D and 7D:
24mm/1.8 Sigma
35mm/2 Canon
50mm/1.4 Canon
11-18mm/4,5-5,6 Tamron
18-135mm/3,5-5,6 Canon
17-55mm/2.8 Canon

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