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Highsea Boat v1 from carlos parmentier on Vimeo.

Started this crazy fun proyect a month ago with 2 friends (animator & compositor) in spare time, for this time i did the composition only for this test spot.

-The boat is animated by Patricio Andrada.
-I did: all fx, ocean, foam, mist, secondary mist, pump motors, shaders, light, render..
-Composition in final video will be done by Juan Devant from FRAME Barcelona.

For this time i used diferent method in foam and mist, all is done in Houdini, rendered with Mantra PBR.

Thanks to Igor Zanic for some improvement tips in this proyect.

The complete proyect will be a 6-7 cameras full environment, stay tunned!

hope you like it, enjoy!

Making of “Tool” from komba on Vimeo.

concept art and compositing process. Max/zbrash/mari/nuke/ae/ps

NutletFx Houdini Flip Fluid Ocean Test v7.4 (Final) from Nutlet on Vimeo.

Final verson with 5 Shots :P

Sim Info:
Flip Wave Tank Setup
12M Flip particles

White Water Solver
6M Spray particles
7M Foam particles
12M Bubble particles

Render Info:
Mantra PBR
All elements rendered in one layer.

32TEN Studio Reel from Christopher Babiak on Vimeo.

Demo Reel for 32TEN Studios.

Cereal Bars - CG Render from Studio Aiko Ltd on Vimeo.

The animation is based on materials which were created for a cereal bars commercial project we did.
We felt we could get more of the original project and maximize the CG work done in a separate movie with some beauty shots.

Protection from Dominik Trottier on Vimeo.

third term. 3D animated imagefilm for the “Bundesbereitschaftspolizei”.
team members: Jan Strootmann, Janik Rühl, Dominik Trottier, Sinan Marc Akdemir, Bastian Harzheim, Robert Kleinstück, Christian Elies.