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In Morocco - 2013 from Vincent Urban on Vimeo.

Early 2013, we had a little ride with our Landrover once again. A shorter trip this time, we tried to discover most of Moroccos versatile landscapes in just 3 weeks, from the Coast to the forest regions of the Middle Atlas, from the hectic Medinas of Fés and Marrakech to the high mountain ranges of the High Atlas, and finally to the dunes of the Sahara Desert. Big thanks go out to Sigma Technologies (, a local production company that invited us and provided great assistance and all our equipment. Enjoy! (4k version available soon, maybe)

Directed & edited by: Vincent Urban
DoP: Clemens Krüger
Awesome guy: Stefan Templer
Produced by: Sigma Technologies, Casablanca -

“Mechanism” by Poppy Ackroyd -
Re-arranged by Martin Brugger -

Filmed with:
RED ZOOM 18-50mm/f3
RED ZOOM 50-150mm/f3
Time lapses with Canon 5D and 7D:
24mm/1.8 Sigma
35mm/2 Canon
50mm/1.4 Canon
11-18mm/4,5-5,6 Tamron
18-135mm/3,5-5,6 Canon
17-55mm/2.8 Canon

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In New England - Fall 2013 from Vincent Urban on Vimeo.

This October, we did a hiking and leaf peeping trip through beautiful New England (Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut) for just 12 days. It was right at the same time as the US government shutdown which turned out to be a rather odd experience. This is a collection of moments and thoughts.

Directed & edited by: Vincent Urban
Filmed by: Vincent Urban & Alex Tank -

Music: Sophie Hutchings - “Portrait Of Haller”

Filmed with Canon 5D Mark II and Sony FS100

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In Oman - 2014 from Vincent Urban on Vimeo.

In March 2014, we had a fun 2-week-trip to yet quite undiscovered Oman, mostly to dive at the Daymaniyat Islands but we also got to see a fair share of deserts, camels, castles and enjoyed a mint-tea or two with the lovely locals. Enjoy a quick roller-coaster ride through oceans and sands!

Filmed by: Vincent Urban, Mario Clement
Edit & Sound Design: Vincent Urban -

Filmed with Canon 6D/60D and GoPro

Music by:
Gilligan Moss - “Choreograph”

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In Turkey - 2014 from Vincent Urban on Vimeo.

In April 2014, Stefan, Clemens & I went on yet another journey with our trusted Defender, this time from Istanbul, passing the Black Sea Coast, to the vastness of Eastern Anatolia, then returning over otherworldly Cappadocia and enjoying the sun at the Turquoise Coast. In Short: all over Turkey with it’s beautiful landscapes and wonderful people in 4 weeks. Thanks, Turkey, for for a memorable adventure!

Directed by: Vincent Urban
Filmed by: Clemens Krüger & Vincent Urban
Edit, Sound Design, Color: Vincent Urban

Filmed with Canon 5D Mark III and GoPro Hero 3.
Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM
Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM
Canon EF 35mm f/2 IS USM
Canon EF 100-300mm f/4.5-5.6 USM
Sigma 24mm F1.8 EX DG ASP
Tamron SP AF 10-24mm F/3.5-4.5

Music: Olafur Arnalds - “Only The Winds”
Under license by Nettwerk Music Group and Universal Music

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Michael Bay - What is Bayhem? from Tony Zhou on Vimeo.

There are filmmakers we love and then there’s Michael Bay. Even if you dislike him (as I do), Bay has something valuable to teach us about visual perception. This is an exploration of “Bayhem” — his style of camera movement, composition and editing that creates something overblown, dynamic and distinct.

For educational purposes only.

For further reading/viewing, I recommend
Letterboxd user sydney’s review of Bad Boys 2:
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Werner Herzog Talks About Wrestlemania & Anna Nicole Smith:

The Sound Defects - Take Out
Leonard Bernstein - West Side Story Overture
Radiohead - I Might Be Wrong

Lego Effect Shot from Joy-Jeong on Vimeo.

Done in Houdini, render with Mantra PBR. Comp in Nuke.

Solution is simple.
I converted pyro and water sim to polygon And I put uniform Gap points in polygon.
Especially vdbvisualizetree node was very useful.

And house, car, concert venue and ad-balloon’s body are sketchup or LDD file format.
these were used in houdini through 2 or 3 times converting format.

Thanks for watching.

LavaFlow from thomas marqué on Vimeo.

Naiad ,Frost ,Vray .

Houdini 13 FEM Worm locomotion from Sam Hancock on Vimeo.

Playing around with FEM in H13, the rest position in on vertices … so tetras can be scaled independently of their neighbors, giving a kind of muscle action.

Worm isn’t animated forward, all of the forward motion comes from the contraction and expansion of the “cells”

.hip file and words here:

POLYVERSE from Christopher Frost on Vimeo.

A short made by Chris Frost with the extraordinary score by Anže Rozman.

It is also the Teaser for POLYVERSE MEDIA, a creative collective offering high level visuals and sounds.

"Polyverse: A reality where time is linear but space may be discontinuous, with different physical constants in different regions. These different regions "bubble" off into separate monoverses. The number of bubbles may be finite or countably infinite."

-Scott. W. Somerville

All visuals were done with Adobe After Effects CC and Maxon Cinema 4D R14. The score was recorded at the Air Lyndhurst Studios in London, England. The mixing was done with ProTools.